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      Source: Zhejiang Consumer Protection Committee, micro-channel public number Editor: Zheng YapengOriginal title: inventory "wheel unhealthy trend" under the new situation: violation of discipline against the wind still occurInterbasin who help? Collaboration making machine protectionOriginal title: primary and secondary school, Ministry of Education requires three resolutely preventBeijing News News (Reporter Zhang Lu) National Federation of Press Center was held today (May 14) press conference, the ACFTU spokesman Liu Yingxiang said that this year the ACFTU will improve and perfect union database, developed a unified national service workers union APP.But the researchers' surprise, when they use another larger size, it takes longer, but the accuracy of the accredited testing tools, compared with Abbott after this detection tool, but this tool is found false Abbott negative error rate is very high.In two different sampling method, Abbott tool could even be a third to 48% of the positive samples, mistaken for a negative. (Screenshot thesis at New York University, shot from bioRxiv)Finally, in the eyes of the Australians, the best performing countries in the epidemic, is Australia's own.In this April 14th - 27th survey showed that fewer than 10 percent of Australia considered poor performance, others believe more than 9 percent of Australia's done a good or very good, especially the thought of medical institutions in Australia Well done and government. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown to the US epidemic of pneumonia epidemic "epicenter" Editor: Zhang Shen

      Zhejiang Consumer Protection Committee Secretary-General Cui Lijin at the meeting were informed of the existence of the telecommunications industry issues,At the forum, Li Keqiang noted that the policy adjustment should focus on six stability, the sixth insurance.Helping small and medium micro enterprises to weather the storm as an important part of macroeconomic policy.Obese people, smaller brain volumeInterbasin who help? Collaboration making machine protectionThe article also said ammonia-sensitive species sun times using extensively hydrolyzed whey protein containing 15% amino acid, oligopeptide 15%, 70% small peptides, rapid intestinal digestion and absorption; non-add glucose, lactose, intestinal absorption can be directly.From the terms of the three major nutrients, ammonia-sensitive species sun times can easily solve difficult problems baby digestion and absorption and allergies, reducing the burden of kidney and stomach baby.Some local press of the "Gongjusiyong" gourd, but float a "private car public support" scoop.Some public plus private car oil, by generous generous public convenience of administration of the public gas card, the name of the unit to open private car to do official business under the banner wipe "the public sector oil".Ningxia Xixia such as forestry and Grape Industry Bureau of the former party member, deputy director Wang Zhenjing greening arduous, often public by private car, the use of official fuel card refuel 17 times for his own private car.Some private ticket public report, by the power and will to work, holding a private car refueling tickets, insurance, maintenance, inspection fees invoice, to account at all units, resulting in "Three" funds not fall.Some private cars leased to the public, all costs will be generated in the vehicle were getting the unit to "digest", as Yanliang District Agricultural Management Center lease violations, including Master Li Wei, myself included six cadres of private cars 6, pay total rental expense 1.440,000 yuan, fuel costs totaling 1.470,000 yuan.Public support of private cars has been revealed by the simmering reason, first, chances cause trouble, believe sneak hundred and eighty ten oil is difficult to be found, over time habit, the "cheap public accounting" as stealth welfare; the second is to compensate mentality mischief that caused the bus reform "personal loss", they find ways "to restore it", "Since public private cars, and then took the opportunity to add more public oils, multi-point public expense reimbursement, in short, can not let yourself lose "; third is the lack of institutional and regulatory loopholes dictates, such as some buses authorities and car units on the official fuel card management extensive, did not establish a clear accounting of public refueling, excess oil card, a card many cars to make some who is in a pen 'nobody knows for sure "in the" fish in troubled waters ".

      This world, there is no possibility,However, a new study from New York University has found that there may be up to one third the error rate of this new virus detection crown "artifact".Mainstream media, including CNBC, "New York Times", "Washington Post" and Fox News and other US different political positions, have also been reported the surprising discovery. (Screenshot from the US news network CNBC reported on the matter) (screenshots from the US Fox News reported on the matter)Original title: a city of Hubei: 2 families eighth grade in the exam postponed to June 2021!Eye of Heaven investigation showed that babies Square Yongxing County in Chenzhou City, was founded in 2005, business scope, including baby products and pre-packaged foods, dairy products (including infant formula milk powder) wholesale and retail.Yongxing someone's babies Square (backgammon shop) legal representative is Liaoyin Jun, belongs to Chenzhou City Yongxing babies Square where a branch.However, this has once again confirmed that it is easy for Chinese folk Australia's view is that the country's media manipulation.Because although these two has nothing to do with the new crown epidemic, Australia official himself clarified, but in the Australian media crazy "with rhythm", many Australians will think this is China in the "revenge" of Australia to the new crown pneumonia epidemic "investigation" China's move up.In the implementation of the central spirit of eight provisions in the background, in July 2014, the Office of the State Office issued "Guidance on comprehensive reform of the system of public service vehicles," open bus reform process, governance ushered in years of chronic ills opportunity, before tinkling under Joseph to the ignorant masses "wheel unhealthy trend" gradually disappeared even sparse.Catch a certain number of sparrows will actually break the law?What wildlife obviously much, but you untouchable?Recently, Pei County in Jiangsu Province Procuratorate police officers has in-depth Weishan seven surrounding towns and villages, wildlife protection laws and regulations to carry out propaganda.

      It should be noted that the State Department report to the National People's Congress, to accept supervision by the people, is an important responsibility under the Constitution.Xiaogan City Board of EducationOn the other hand, no matter how to deal with cases, adhere to the precise assistance and education throughout the investigators always carry out psychological intervention by introducing expertise, family education guidance, community service, groups or construction activities and other measures.For example, the first 11 months, a total of 6265 suspects conditional non-prosecution and strengthen admonishing visits, an increase of 9.67%.Research, many believe that discipline inspection and supervision of cadres, "the wheels unhealthy trend" after the bus reform, the root cause lies in the thinking of some party members and cadres and subjective views, Xiangponaodai someone is looking for loopholes in the system, Xiaojiannaodai drilling policy loopholes, do not take good itch, there are cheap does not account for uncomfortable, not solve the problem alone consciousness, we have to rely on policies and systems.Luoma is the guardian of the ecological environment security, the protection of the diversity of animal resources in the basin, Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province Procuratorate jointly Suqian City places City Court and other six units sign off "on the establishment of animal resource category of criminal cases handled opinions mechanism," further refinement of animal resource handling criminal cases, to build inter-basin inspection method of convergence and linkage mechanism, clear assizes system, and for cases heard in public in the incident, ecological protection and other bases in principle, promote public awareness and enhance wildlife conservation wildlife bases.Original title: Ministry of Education: online education to return to school after college will become the "new normal"Reporters noted that the current union has developed many service workers APP, such as the Beijing Municipal Federation of Trade Unions to launch Beijing trade union 12351APP, workers can participate in sports and other activities through it.

      After the Wenchuan earthquake, China's seismic design standards revised; after the outbreak, masks and more people become necessities of life.The scars of the disaster in the history of not only carved ruts, but also profoundly changed our lives.Summit suggested that, due to the outbreak of the world economy and global trade supply chain industry chain enormous impact, overall foreign trade situation is uncertain and unstable factors significantly increased risks and challenges facing the development of China's foreign trade is still very grim, the annual downward pressure increase, especially on small and medium foreign enterprises and labor-intensive industries are more likely; in addition, the global transnational direct investment remains in a serious slump, foreign investment this year, the situation is still severe and complicated, foreign trade and investment to stabilize the pressure is still very basic dish Big.He suggested that after the first lesson to Shang Hao return to school.According to the deployment of the Ministry of Education, in order to popularize prevention knowledge, promote Fighting Spirit against SARS as the theme, carried out the first lesson of the return to school education, improve the overall quality of students, to strengthen the feelings of love for the party loving the motherland and the people love student of socialism, with good fight the epidemic big textbook, strengthening students' ideological and moral education.The new virus detection crown artifact, is the US medical device manufacturing company Abbott at the end of March this year launched a new rapid detection tool can detect it in five minutes a person is infected with the new virus crown.In a prominent position in front of the shop, the reporter saw a special powder Zone.Although the above has no shelf someone's "ammonia-sensitive times," but few other similar products.Some of origin labeling Britain's "special medical use infant formula powder," there's labeled "baby food for special medical purposes".Which put the most, is a "yeast protein powder," a closer look, this is a "solid drink".According to field staff to reflect, to be marketed as milk powder solid drink "ammonia-sensitive times," before it is placed in a special pink zone.Researchers Roy Institute at The poll also acknowledged that the result is a continuation of China in recent years, Australians continued negative perception, where last year they would poll showed that only a third of respondents trust in China.The evening of May 12, riverbank District of Wuhan City official microblogging "@ Oe Gold Coast" rumor pointed out: Today, Internet users in the Sina microblogging, micro-channel group issued a document along with the video, said Yucai street food market in Wuhan found that asymptomatic infection, all was closed.After verification, this is a rumor.In fact, the May 12 morning, do a good job for the normalization of the epidemic prevention and control work, Wuhan Huaqiao local subdistrict office organization and urban management market supervision departments to carry out joint enforcement Yucai Street in farms, businesses and urge the implementation of personnel in and out of the body temperature measurement, scan code registration and other control measures, some businesses failing to strictly implement the control measures being ordered to stop.Video circulated on the Internet reflects the law enforcement field screen.

      Zhao Lijian: I have been very clear exposition of the Chinese government's position.Original title: inventory "wheel unhealthy trend" under the new situation: violation of discipline against the wind still occurA number of different positions of the US mainstream media including the United States, "New York Times", "Washington Post" and "Fox News", including, recently have revealed a surprising thing: was once US President Trump blowout, and caused a sensation a new US crown virus detection "artifact" in China, turned out to be a false-negative study found that the presence of a third of .Senior secondary school exam registration, voluntary reporting, as well as specific issues related to work, to school high school entrance examination this year, implementing measures (be issued separately) prevail.Original title: Beijing has always been an animal Homecoming!Research, many believe that discipline inspection and supervision of cadres, "the wheels unhealthy trend" after the bus reform, the root cause lies in the thinking of some party members and cadres and subjective views, Xiangponaodai someone is looking for loopholes in the system, Xiaojiannaodai drilling policy loopholes, do not take good itch, there are cheap does not account for uncomfortable, not solve the problem alone consciousness, we have to rely on policies and systems.Currently, the country has hundreds of millions of school students resumed classes, how to do effective connection from the network entity class to class?