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'In this context, we must continue to promote industrial optimization and upgrading, enhance the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, and strengthen and consolidate the position of China's' world factory 'supply chain.Second, Jilin city passenger lines, tourism charter will be prohibited from out of town; freight vehicles and working out of the city.

Original title: National Health health committee: Risk rally outside input epidemic caused overall controlRates have different effects on different income families first birth time, in which minimal impact on low-income families, the impact on high-income families are more obvious.Because low-income families, because of the limited budget, can not afford housing consumption, which is high or low prices have limited impact on household fertility decisions.In addition, high-income families, the age of first birth rates only significant impact on the family his wife, but the age of marriage with his wife for the first time the time difference between the birth of the impact is not significant.Population issues related to people's livelihood and national long-term development, sustained decline in fertility rates will bring a profound impact on the long-term economic and social development of our country.Housing prices rose significantly delayed the time of first birth familyOfficial sources confirmed that the former mayor of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Economic and Information Office of the Director of the Office official Zhang Geng, was ordered to resign for disciplinary Thirteenth National People's Congress as a representative.

Source: Department of Ecology Environment Website Editor: PoplarMoreover, in terms of the social security system, should provide a further guarantee for the female fertility.Because the best women of childbearing age often the beginning of their career to pursue, in order to ensure that women can best age for childbearing, not only to eliminate hidden discrimination against female employment should also establish subsidies for women on maternity leave because of pregnancy causes damage to business interests mechanisms to reduce the pressure on female employment and development.Original title: Shenyang to Hong Yongan village banks due to the repayment of loans and other fined 600,000, seven people were accountableResolutely adhering to the bottom line of epidemic prevention and control is the top priority of the current work. It cannot be taken lightly at all, and there is any sway and slight slack.(Editor: Shen Jiaping, Liu Ran)

Policy ImplicationsIn the past three months, the people of the whole country have been united, working together, working together and overcoming difficulties. They have withstood the unprecedented major epidemic test and achieved staged results in combating the epidemic. The situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control has continued to improve, and work has resumed. Significant progress has been made in production, and the order of economic and social operations has accelerated to recover, and it has begun to enter the stage of normalized epidemic prevention and control.Fifth, affect the price of first birth family time 20-40 age group is more significant.This statement discusses the process just listen, it seems a little "righteous" flavor, but in fact, Tsai Yi Yu and his ilk "stone on their own feet", but also gain a lot of political interests.(Text / deep-sea fish) Editor: Zhang ShenOriginal title: Han Hongwei, deputy director of Hubei Provincial Expressway Authority investigationReported that the 21-year-old defendant Xian Jiahao, charged with public road entrance Legislative Council Complex in the Legislative Council last June 12 outside, along with other unidentified people involved in riots.He was originally charged with more than two other police officers to resist crime, the prosecution application does not deal with the two crimes, court-archive record.Turning to the domestic market supply and demand, heavy machine network chairman Yuhong Fu briefed observer: "This year most of the market share of small dig is 5-6-ton, 20-ton digging and digging large 40-ton has very good growth, up to the fastest or small dig main."Editor: Zheng YapengFirst, having a rate significantly delayed effect on fertility initial time wife.DPP caucus always called Ko Chien-min, in response to the matter put enough attitude, said cross-strait issues must be careful to pair.Seem to have forgotten, deliberately ruining cross-strait relations, and destroying the development of peaceful cross-strait situation, it is precisely in the Democratic Progressive Party.The East China Construction Second Board company also revealed to the observer network, China signed new construction in the first quarter of the traditional infrastructure business focusing on large-scale infrastructure areas such as municipal infrastructure.At the same time, it will receive preferential loans from China Development Bank, etc., launched its commitment to "new infrastructure" project.

A reporter asked, recently, the US diplomatic mission in the relevant ASEAN countries reprinted an article entitled "Southeast Asian countries to challenge China maritime rights advocates," the article said that Southeast Asian countries against China's rights and interests in the South China Sea claims.what opinions do the Chinese have on this issue?The data shows that China's manufacturing purchasing managers index was 52% in March, up a percentage point from the previous month, and stood back above the gloomy line.Original title: Fuzhou police cracked 83 cases since last year, the amount of tax-related cases involving 5.5 billion yuan

Original title: Carrie Lam: IPCC report provides a comprehensive and objective, fact-based, very weightyWith the implementation of the coordination mechanism, the next step will be to enhance the coordination and supervision capabilities at the local level to prevent the generation of major financial risks within the jurisdiction.Special announcement.Hong Yongan village on the bank of Shenyang City Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a business license on May 4, 2012.The bank has jurisdiction over a six branches and a sales department, namely the Yangtze River Street Branch, Shenyang Branch Liaoning Road, Sandy Ridge Branch, Wang Branch River Road, Colliers Branch, Jili Lake Branch and Head Office.Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Control Yuan May 15 briefing: Hubei Provincial Department of Transportation Highway Administration Party committee member, deputy director Han Hongwei alleged serious violation of the law office and is currently under review for Discipline Inspection of the JISC discipline and surveillance Investigation of Hubei Province, and take measures indwelling.According to incomplete statistics, the beginning of the end of this year, has more than Zhangzidao directors and executives left, including Deputy General Manager and Vice President Sunfu Jun, Liang Jun, director and executive vice president of the independent directors Cong Jin Xiu, hook CFO Rong, chief Zhang Kan and other information officer.

After investigation, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has committed the following behaviors that infringe on the rights and interests of consumers: First, the products it represents have not been fully analyzed during the admission process, due diligence has not been put in place, which is inconsistent with the relevant regulations.July 10, 2019, in a survey of more than 500 days after the Commission presents the results of the investigation Zhangzidao, which issued the "administrative punishment prior notice and Shichangjinru" shows Zhangzidao and related personnel suspected of Finance fraud, alleged false records, alleged non-disclosure of information, the Commission intends to make administrative punishment according to the law and to take measures Shichangjinru.2020 at 0:00 on May 14 -24, the new Hubei new crown pneumonia confirmed cases 0 cases, no foreign imported cases.In addition to the province's 71 consecutive days in Wuhan no new confirmed cases.Judge Hu Yawen believe that the accused involved in the riots than the riots in Mong Kok Liang Tianqi 2016 involved more serious, their behavior is the rule of law "direct attack", it is the starting point for sentencing as 6 years.In addition to the defendant pleaded guilty plea other reasons including the lack of premeditation, individuals do not carry weapons, are unsubstantiated.